Saturday, May 31, 2003
  Song: "Get Free" - The Vines
Feeling: relieved and sentimental *sniff*
Quote: "Step into my office, said the spider to the fly..."

Ok, on the new blog... you like? Yay? Nay? Well, I love it. Granted, I'll miss the old one because it had all this stuff on it, but this is so much easier. When I was trying to mess with the template on my old blog, it started refusing to take save any code that I entered into the template, so I was left with that screwed up one. Sad, I had this whole spiffy layout too... but it's too much trouble to try to do again. They also changed the basics of blogger, so I need to figure that out too. Evil, evil things.
I need to call Alexis and tell her about the mooseloupe... I'll do that tonight. It will be fun! :D 
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