Monday, June 30, 2003
  Song: "Hate To Say I Told You So" - The Hives (stuck in my head)
Feeling: pissed off
Quote: "First sign of madness, talking to your own head." - Phineas (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix)

Mum's home. She's not going into work until the 3rd apparently, and my father might be at home that day. So I don't know how often or regularly I can sneak on the computer. Yup. Mum's apparently decided that the computer is evil, and wants to take it away from me. She thinks I do absolutely nothing and wants to drag me out and make me do stuff: clean the house, help her, go find long-lost "friends" (there was a reason I never talked to the stupid girl that you made me talk to at church!). She's structuring my freakin' life. I can't wait till she goes back to work, gets out of my hair! She's taken up my father's habit of criticizing my every move, from my clothes to my room, my habits and speech and my personality. Basically she stops being civil and just calls me "Asshole" or "Bitch" to get my attention. (It's more subtle than straight out "Hey Bitch!", more like "I need you to vacumn the house, unless you want to be a bitch and not do it.") Try telling her that she's acting like an idiot, or so much as roll your eyes, and you've hurt her oh-so-precious feelings. (I thought only decent people had real feelings to hurt?) It's ridiculous. The worst part of it is, she only does it when we're alone. Not even around my father. 'Cause even though me and my father hate each other, he at least feels sympathy for me when anyone else calls me an asshole, and mum knows it. *shakes head* This is demented! Argh!

Sunday, June 29, 2003
  Song: "I Think I'm Paranoid" - Garbage
Feeling: bitter and sleepy
Quote: "Back. One question: What are you people on?!?!"

Back. Yup. No particular order in thought process here...
Very very glad to see Fe and Jake online as soon as I popped on, very happy with welcomes. Sincere or no (*points to song title* Yeah, that's me), they made my day. Still waiting for Sen though. Of course. ;)
I had only one CtP PM! Wtf is that? And WRIOD? casted Layla. Congrats Judy... bit of bitterness rant: Soph said that my audition was a favorite for Layla, but because I was away, I didn't get the part. M told me that wouldn't matter. Pfft. Ok, better now. :D Anyway, still hoping. Love WRIOD?, wants a part.
Bewildered. Everything is new, shiny and different, completely confused. BMM opened, lost on that. AN is down, ID is dead? Oy. My head is throbbing now. Arguing with MSN.
Oh right. Vacation. Beach was great, waves good, body boarding good. Stuck with parents and no other human contact for 10 days, bad. Except for the European waiter. But I didn't understand a word he said. I might type up what I wrote in the psuedo-blog on vacation, but its all depressing and junk. There was a bit about drowning, so yeah, don't want to read that. Syb's perpetually on a natural happy high, right? 
Wednesday, June 18, 2003
  - Away on Vacation 6/19 - 7/1. Leave a message! :D -

Song: "Hazy Shade of Winter" - The Bangles
Feeling: kinda excited
Quote: "Salsa shark! Ahh! We need a bigger boat!"

Not gone yet. :D Leave tommorow morning... supposedly. We'll probably end up leaving at about noon, because people are slow. Might even be on tommorow morning, I have no clue. I packed and I cleaned. I hate the whole cleaning before you go on vacation, and then I have to clean when we get back! Tell me how exactly the house gets dirty when no one goes in it for two weeks?
Anyway, since I was stupid, I only have two books to take on vacation that I haven't read before. Tolkien's "Miscellany" and another Mitford sister biography (damn me and my British biographies) Nothing that's light-hearted and easy to read however. *sings* I'll go crazy! 12 days with no friends to talk to... *cries and stuffs Milly, Fe, Jake, Fraz, Jyn, Lea, Petal in her Hello Kitty backpack, which is pink plastic and the size of normal purse* *of course gives Sen the duffel bag to squeeze in all by herself and doesn't stuff her up top in the cargo bin, 'cause Sen is tiny and portable, like those folding chairs?*
*can't drag 7 people and Sen out to the car, leaves them at her house and gives them a rock to break into the house, and opens the door, grabs her mother's laptop and wireless connection and takes it* *sees if she can use the reciever on the laptop to hack into someone's wireless internet connection on the road and talks to people*
Oh. Right. I left them at my house. New plan! *scuttles off on vacation, to the land where crabs are roadkill* 
  Song: "Island in the Sun" - Weezer
Feeling: frustrated
Quote: "Can you even dye my eyes to match my dress?" - The Wizard of Oz

Woo, day before vacation. Lots to do. Also, my internet is going out frequently, so if I'm not on MSN/AIM, or online it's all, I'll see you when I get back, 'cause the internet won't work. Fine timing, it has. Hmm, can't wait to come home on July 1rst and I haven't even left yet. 
Tuesday, June 17, 2003
  Song: "Revolution" - Aimee Allen
Feeling: worried and completely frustrated
Quote: "This song reminds me of why I'm leaving home to become a stewardess." - Almost Famous

Eh! I'm going to be gone 12 days. I don't think I can survive without my computer for that long. My fingers are programmed to type and type and my brain thinks in 12 pt. type. I also don't want to leave everyone, and all my boards. My internet went down today for several hours, and I had withdrawal symptons. It's a very sad thing. People will forget me! *freaks and runs in excited circles*
*takes a large bite of carrot cake* Mmm, carroty goodness. Almost like chocolate. Almost. Anyway, I'm just weird. I'm missing stuff, true. But everything is in good hands. I'm just a worrywart about junk. Oh, and while I started packing today, I overturned my dresser on my head. (It's plastic, but hard and tipsy) Luckily, I did not get knocked out this time. I did it while trying to get my suitcase strap out from under the other dresser. I think I may have found a good thing about organization... nah.  
Monday, June 16, 2003
  Song: "Impossibility" - Remy Zero
Feeling: happy-ish
Quote: "What's one more day when it's already been too long?" - "Bitter" Remy Zero

Stole this survey from Courtney, or Elizabeth (Pseudonym much? :P) who stole it from someone else.

[First name] Sybil
[middle name] An
[last name] Dorsett

(*cough* ALL LIES! BLASPHEMOUS LIES! *cough*)

[gender] Female
[age] 15
[grade] Errr, I just got out of 9th grade
[living situation] I live with my parents. We hate each other. It's quite comfortable.
[# of siblings] none
[names] No sibs!
[ages] *rolls eyes*

.: appearance :.

[height] 5'11" (I shall step on you! Mwhahaha!)
[hair color] blonde
[hair style] Odd... *pats head* Messy braid.
[hair length] A little past my shoulders
[eye color] Green.
[glasses or contacts] contacts and glasses! (mostly contacts)
[freckles] Nope
[righty or lefty] Lefty.
[shoe size] 11 ( Big Foot's special blonde cousin)

.: favorites :.

[color] scarlet or crimson. Red, damnit.
[relative] Cousin Zousha.
[tv show] currently, "I Love the 80s"
[CD] Coldplay "Clocks"
[movie] Too many. Monty Python and the Holy Grail is high up there.
[commercial] The winterfresh gum commerical, with the punchline "Got any gwapes?"
[book] Er, today, "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn"
[song] "Clocks" - Coldplay
[band or group] Coldplay, Remy Zero, The Strokes
[food] chocolate goods and Indian or Chinese food.
[animal] Frog.
[school subject] History.
[boy's name] O.o Olly. :P
[ice cream] Cookie Dough! Hold the ice cream, pass the cookie dough
[music] Rock
[store] thrift stores!
[number] 13 or 7
[soda] Root Beer
[gum] don't really eat it
[weather] Snowy!
[actor] Billy Boyd
[actress] *thinks* Jeanae Garofalo

.: future :.

[in five years] Not a clue!
[married] Hell no!
[job] Not a clue!

.: do you :.

[get motion sickness] Nope
[have a bad habit] Everyone does. So yes.
[get along with your parents] Nope.
[like to drive] Wouldn't that involve being able to drive?
[type with the fingers on the right keys] I don't know. If I look down at my hands or I over think it, I can't type. Interesting predicament.
[drink] Like, once every year?
[smoke] Never

.: have you :.

[broken the law] Yes, but I probably didn't realize it/minor offense
[ran away from home] Sorta :/
[cheated on a test] Yes.
[made a prank phone call] I think so
[skipped school] Nope
[fell asleep in the shower] See, that would involve drowning. No.
[fell asleep in class] Duh.
[gone to church] Used to regularly, was a good little Unitarian girl. Then it got corny, right around the time of the Unitarian Seder.
[read the bible] Yes.
[been in a fight] Nah.
[stayed home on a weekend] Yes.
[been in a hospital] Only ER and when I was born. ER for swimmer's ear (like hands over ears, crying, can't hear) and a blood vessel popped in my eye (Mum made me go *rolls eyes*)
[met anyone famous] Erm, does Charlie Luken count? No.
[been in a play] Yep!
[went swimming in the ocean] Going to in about 5 days, for the third time.

.: which is better :.

[hugging/kissing] O.o Hugs.
[mud wrestling/jello wrestling] Jello. Just 'cause its jello.
[white milk/chocolate milk] Chocolate milk.
[deafness/blindness] Deaf. Couldn't hear annoying things anymore, blind I couldn't type. (Sad, isn't it?)
[sandals/shoes] Sandals. Actually, no shoes at all.
[pepsi/coke] Neither
[cd/tape] CD.
[rain/sun/snow] Snow
[pen/pencil] Pen, as long as it's not erasable.
[vanilla/chocolate] Chocolate!
[black/white] Black.

.: whats the last :.

[item purchased] Coffee.
[tv show you watched] "I love the 80s" '89
[movie you saw at a theatre] X2
[time you were grounded] In 7th grade, for two months?
[words you said] "Impossibility..." (singing)
[words you typed] lmao. I read that. What's the reaction?
[phone number you called] Ria's.
[person you talked to on the phone] Telemarketer.
[thing you ate] Mint ice cream.
[thing you drank] Mint ice cream. :D
[song you heard] "Impossibility" - Remy Zero
[person you saw] Errrr, I can't think that far back. It was sometime yesterday...
[person you hugged] Not a clue. It's been months.
[person who sent you an IM] CiCi.
[time you got a real letter] Grades. Technically, addressed to my parents, but they were about me... yeah.
[time you got an e-mail] Few days ago, Lea.
[time you cried] I don't cry.

.: love :.

[boyfriend/girlfriend] Nope!
[do you love them] -.-
[first crush] Eddie Coffelt! 3rd grade! Where is he now? Looong story, very amusing.
[current crush] Hmm... Eddie Coffelt. *doubles over laughing*
[been hurt] Wouldn't that involve love?
[biggest regret] Nah.

.: random :.

[rollercoasters: deadly/exciting] Exciting!
[most prized possesion] Grandpa's gold ring
[when you wake up, you] groan and smack at the alarm clock.
[your mouse pad has on it] floating shapes and glitter. O.o
[whats on your bedroom walls] Really ugly brown paint, map border and white plaster on one wall.
[you wear to bed] Pajama bottoms and tank tops
[thinking right now] That's sick! I swear to god you, and me, are masochists, seeing as how I actually listen to you... *rants*
[if you were a crayon, what color would you be] Yellow.
[your next CD purchase] I don't buy CDs.
[dream car] Thunderbird. Yellow.

.: your thoughts :.

[abortion] It's your choice. I'd rather it be legal, to avoid back-alley operations and screw up more people's bodies.
[teen smoking] Stupid as hell.
[eating disorders] You're fine, don't listen to peer pressure, it hurts you, yada yada. You've heard this. You just won't listen.
[rap] Bah. Give me my Remy Zero please.
[p.m.s] Aspirin and chocolate.
[dreams] Confusing as hell.
[true love] Riiight. *rolls eyes*
[worst feeling in the world] Helplessness.
[suicide] It's stupid, and the pain won't end. Maybe your own, but you're causing more of it.
[self mutilation] Fool, it hurts, it doesn't do anything but physically maim you and make you weak.
[God/Jesus] Atheist.
[sex] Abused and exploited.
[music] Good thing for the most part.
[school] Pretty good, education, not bad.
[scary movies] Exxcellent.
[violence] Heh. Neccessary at some times, but not liked.
[money] It does not grow on trees, no matter what you think. 
  Song: "Clocks" - Coldplay
Feeling: tired, ach-y, pull-your-hair-out frustrated and bitter
Quote: "I am dark and mysterious and PISSED OFF!" - William 'Almost Famous'

MSN and my internet have been screwing with me all day, and PSP refuses to work at all when I have either AIM or MSN going, making it a bit hard for me to teach Fe or Ci anything. Not that I can actually teach them anything anyway, I suck at explaining and my english ain't so good, but that's besides the point.
My head has also been throbbing since late last night, it hurts a lot. I woke up this morning and when I stood up, I immediately collapsed with dizziness. Argh. Lots of aspirin is not helping.
Finally decided to change my name on CtP, and got a name. Green Eyes. No, its not the damn Coldplay song, it's green eyes as in jealousy. I think it fits, and no more being a part of the "wicked"s.
Also, T let me RP Gollum. :D I get to torture Fe and Sara and all those other good people by playing Gollum, talking to myself and generally causing havoc. It's fun. Plus Fe gave Gollum one too many tequilas, so I get to play a very inebriated Gollum. Most entertaining. 
Saturday, June 14, 2003
  Song: "Take It Or Leave It" - The Strokes
Feeling: rant-worthy and anti-American
Quote: "Insanity on a leash!" - Shell 1

I actually read the front page of blogger today. They're coming out with sweatshirts?! This is a sad, sad time if blogger has merchandise in the form of clothing.

(Lanier. Our crazy neighbor, a patriotic idiot who thinks it's good for the country to set off fireworks at 4 am in the morning, screw neighbors and people's rights! Anyway, he also supervises any construction on the street, wearing his personal hard hat, and owns a million American flags)
Dad: What is Lanier putting American flags out for this time?
Mum: He probably just feels like it.
ME: Does he feel like putting on his hard hat too? Because I feel like throwing heavy objects at him.

Several days ago, I think on Tuesday, my grandmother sent my dad a father's day card. First of all, his mother sends him a father's day card that says "Happy Father's Day, SON!" That is screwed up, especially if Hallmark is making cards with junk like that on it. I was under the impression that Father's Day was to celebrate children and their fathers. Unless, of course, you're like me and hate your father with a deep passion.
Anyway, each day I come downstairs in the morning, on the table at my usual place, on the placemat, is this Father's Day card from my grandmother. First few times, I didn't care, thought it was accidental, and just pushed it off to the side. After that, I got annoyed and started moving the card further, like by the toaster, into the other part of the kitchen, dining room table, until finally I stuck it on top of the china cabinet in the dining room, where you'd have to look for it to find it. I come downstairs this morning, and the card is on my placemat again. It's like a really annoying, not-so-subtle subliminal message that ain't gonna work! Nope, sorry Dad I hate you, and I'm not getting you anything for hating me too.
Also, Mum made this crack about me never getting anything nutritious to eat unless she's around. I wanted to smack her. She is never around! I would gladly eat her nutritious cooking if she actually made something once and awhile. And I'm sorry, did she see the 6 boxes of Wheaties? 
Friday, June 13, 2003
  Song: "Happy Now?" - No Doubt
Feeling: busy
Quote: "*singing* I neeed a new drug (Ghostbusters) Neeew drug (Ghostbusters!). *normal* Nope, don't see the similarity."

I went all sentimental last night and re-published the archives on my old blog. There was a time when I knew nothing of online message boards, and a time when I would of heard the name "Sen" and gone "who would name their kid that?" (Of course, that is my nickname for her anyway, so yeah) A time when I actually woke up and participated in history class, or at least enough to laugh at my teacher. Weird junk on there. I look back at it and laugh, like usual, and call myself a dork. I am a dork. I'm laughing as I write this. It's damn funny, it's so seriously light-hearted. I don't even have a clue why you people read this thing.
Thursday, June 12, 2003
  Song: "Gasoline" - Chris Cornell and Rage Against the Machine
Feeling: frustrated, jealous and snarky
Quote: "The only way to solve the rubix cube is if you're on cocaine." - I Love the 80's ('81)

Yup. Back to watching VH1's "We Love the 80s". I love that damn show. It's hilarious. It's the best kind of funny, because you laugh so hard while watching it but can barely remember a damn thing you watched a second later, so no scarring for life. I remember something about rubix cubes, "Porky", Ronald Reagan getting shot, and a Pope-mobile.

I'm tired. And very bored. I can't go out, because my mum is having random bits where she needs me to help her for something for vacation. I miss people. Real people. Friends, and oh yeah, guys. I miss school and it's not even July yet! Pathetic. This is where I get very bored and destructive. Expect something to be broken, some poor civilian to be scarred for life, anything, in the next few days.  
  Song: "The Southern Can Is Mine" - The White Stripes
Feeling: tired
Quote: "I have another band, where I do vocals and play bongo drums." - The Vines

I learned how to put transparent parts on junk with PSP. It's annoying, and I'm still not very good at it. But oh well, I'll get better. Very proud of myself for actually taking the time to learn.
Also, the 5th Harry Potter is supposed to show up on the 21th! Finally! I stopped hoping for it awhile back, but it's good that it's coming out now and I can't wait to read it. Sadly, I'll be on vacation when it comes out, and it's most likely sold-out and pre-ordered everywhere. I'll scour every bookstore from here to North Carolina for it.
Soph and Mich are a ship now, as well as Alch and Fe. Both ludacris. Both have pretty little banners for their sigs, and ridiculous names. Soph and Mich are the Reclining Donkeys. Which makes sense. They're both stubborn, at least Soph is, and Soph's nickname is Sofa. Sofa, recliner, Sofa, get it? Fe and Alch are the Horny Camels, which makes no sense at all. It's shipper war. It's ridiculous. It's kindergarten. "I won't talk to you unless you take that banner out." "Make me." "Waah."

Ok, so maybe I'm just pessimistic and can't laugh. It's gotten old though.

ETA: Ok, Soph's just downright manipulative. She hates Glisten, she's said so many times, but Glisten is roped into the shipper thing. *sighs and bops people on the head for the stupid ships* 
Wednesday, June 11, 2003
  Song: "Obla-Do Obla-Da" - The Beatles
Feeling: out of my mind
Quote: "The Walrus was Paul."

I've been listening to "Obla-Di, Obla-Da" for the past hour or so. Why? I found it on a list of banned songs, connecting the songs to terrorism. I can't understand why. Anything I come up with is seriously stretching it. I wouldn't be so obsessed it someone hadn't said it was obvious.
* List of Banned Songs
* Lyrics for "Obla-Di Obla-Da"

I'm obsessing. If anyone has the slightest clue why "Obla-Di, Obla-Da" is on this list, tell me. If you have any theories about this, anything at all, tell me. You don't have to use the tag-board either, you can PM it to me anywhere or email. I want a clue! 
Tuesday, June 10, 2003
  Song: still nothing
Feeling: deeply frustrated
Quote: "MSN is the most evil program I have ever met."

MSN is frustrating me to no end. It refuses to work. It keeps kicking me out of conversations, kicking me off totally. Frankly, I'm tired of bothering people to get them to let me back into convos, and tired of missing the good stuff. So, I'm making Fe download AIM. If all goes as planned, the crazy convos get moved over to AIM.

I stole this from Kitzzy's site, while I was boredly surfing when MSN was re-downloading.

// series one - stats
Name: *points to blog title*
Birthdate: 10/22/87
Current Location: My room
Hair Color: blonde
Righty or Lefty: lefty
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Innie or Outtie: Innie

// series two - describe
The shoes you wore today: didn't wear shoes today
Your hair: blonde, pinned up with strands coming out
Your eyes: it's been argued, I say green
Your weakness: stubborness, jealousies
Your fears: huge ass spiders and perverted men
Your perfect pizza: pepperoni, cheese, sausage, pineapple

// series three - what is
Your most overused phrase on aol\aim: "mmk"
Your thoughts first waking up: "Huh?"
The first feature you notice in the opposite (or same) sex: eyes?
Your best physical features: Umm, my eyes? Not a clue
Your usual bedtime: 10 on school nights, about 2 any other time
Your greatest accomplishment: Not a clue, I can't remember accomplishing anything really
Your best memory: Kit playing air guitar on my arm and singing to bad rock songs on the bus, the summer after 6th grade. Dunno why, it just rocked.

// series four - do you
Smoke: Nope!
Cuss: like a fish
Sing well: Only alone in my locked house, or with my air band
Take a shower everyday: yep!
Like high school: for the most part
Want to get married?: Nope
Believe in yourself: Yup
Get motion sickness: Nope, I like motion that most people get sick from
Think you're attractive: not at all, never had any reason to
Think you're a health freak: Not at all
Get along with your parents: I HATE them
Like thunderstorms: love 'em
Play an instrument: electric keyboard (I can play the bit from Clocks!)

// series five - in the past month, did/have you
Drank alcohol: yes
Smoked: Nope!
Done a drug: nope
Made Out: nope
Go on a date: nope
Go to the mall: nope
Been on stage: nope
Been dumped: nope
Gone skating: nope
Made homemade cookies: nope
Been in love: nope
Gone skinny dipping: nope
Dyed your hair: nope
Stolen anything: nope (way too many nopes)

// series six - have you ever?
Played a game that required removal of clothing: :D No
Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: no
Been caught "doing something": See, why can't you just say what you mean? No
Been called a tease: yes
Gotten beaten up: Hell no
Shoplifted: no
If so, did you get caught: no
Changed who you were to fit in: I don't fit in, so no?

// series seven - the future
Age you hope to be married: Not getting married
Numbers and Names of Children: If I ever had a child, I'd name it Cassandra or Sybil
Describe your Dream Wedding: no wedding!
What age do you want to die: Before 60
What do you want to be when you grow up: fireman
What country would you most like to visit: Australia, duh

// series eight - currently
Current Clothes: jeans, red tank top
Current Mood: frustrated
Current Taste: Wheaties
Current Hair: messy and up
Current Smell: Wheaties?
Current Desktop Picture: My beautiful RotK wallpaper
Current Favourite Groups: Coldplay and The Strokes
Current DVD In Player: I don't have a DVD player
Current Worry: MSN won't work, and I hate missing out on stuff

  Song: Nothing at all
Feeling: tired
Quote: "A girl || And from your lips she drew a hallelujah." - CiCi's MSN name

So I wake up this morning, at about 6 in the morning. My parents are already gone. The TV is on in my dad's office room, blaring MTV. Now my dad doesn't listen to MTV. In fact, I have a theory that he won't listen to anything that isn't at least 25 years old, preferably 40-50 years old. The only exception is this horrible band that makes bad cover versions of surf music. He had this bumper sticker from them, and when his car got hit the bumper sticker naturally turned to smithereens. He obsessed for a week about that, until they agreed to send him another one.
Anyway, I get up and the TV's on. Then I go downstairs, and Ripley (my dog) is stuck in the pantry. And in the pantry? Nothing on the little rack but 6 economy size boxes of Wheaties. Those were not their last night. I went downstairs at like 11 last night and went into that pantry, I would of noticed everything on that shelf gone but 6 boxes of Wheaties. Why Wheaties? Why six freakin' boxes? I rarely eat cereal, I prefer leftovers for breakfast, as does my mum.
Yeah, I plan to obsess over the 6 boxes of Wheaties for a few weeks.

And for the record, Sen, I love the cackling too. ;) 
Monday, June 09, 2003
  Song: "Hate to Say I Told You So" - The Hives
Feeling: fine
Quote: I'm out of quotes today. See if this works Dunno what that'll do, never been there. :P

My CD player broke awhile ago. The walls of my house are really really thin. I tested it once, I turned on my boombox to a normal volume (like 4) and I went out on the driveway, and I could hear the words perfectly. That's why I mostly only use my CD player or plug into my comp, because I like to listen to music pretty loud. Anyway, the construction is still going on next door. I figured I would just turn on my boombox and listen to it normally since the construction would be louder. Wrong! The construction crew told me my music was too damn loud. Says the guys with hammers, and a bulldozer! Something is wrong with that, and my walls are too thin.
Courtney might be kicked out of Walnut. Damn those stupid school officials. She told me the whole story, and I can honestly say that Walnut is making a dumb mistake for even trying to kick her out. Gah! She's a good student, girl reads latin on the bus for god's sake, and actually does her homework. Why are some of these other idiots staying at Walnut, who speak in eubonics and don't do a bit of work?  
Sunday, June 08, 2003
  Song: "Leader of Men" - Nickelback
Feeling: overwhelmed, can't focus
Quote: "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn."

My brain died. Actually, it died sometime last night when I was "talking" to Jake and Fe. I would explain that, but I wrote it up on here last night and I hit "post and publish", but it never did. Too lazy to write out the same rant. It consisted of basically me being confused and suspicious of everything that was said.
I haven't exactly slept in a few days. Ok, I go to "sleep" but it's more like hazy dreaming. Like when you go to sleep in class, but you can still hear whats going on around you so you wake up when the teacher calls your name. I've been sleeping like that the whole night. I heard my parents entire conversation while I was asleep last night. It's making me very hazy when I'm awake, I can't focus on anything or comprehend complex speech.
Other than that, Lea's getting a budgie. Makes me sad. I miss my birds. One was named Tasty Snack, how can you not love it? 
Saturday, June 07, 2003
  Song: "Prophecy" - Remy Zero
Feeling: pretty good
Quote: "Okay, there was this humongous green dog. Yes, green. Don't ask. It jumped, like, forty feet from out of nowhere into my neighbor across the street's yard." - Courtney (I read that without reading it was a dream, freaked me out)

The power went out twice today, for 10 or so minutes, then it came back on. Right when I was in the middle of "Prophecy", which was quite annoying. Anyway, it's good now. Fe made me download some Remy Zero songs, and I like them lots. :D Most excellent and addicting, they are. I recommend downloading their songs, esp. if you like anything else I mention. "Save Me" is also great, it has a beat that reminds me of one of the Beatles psychedelic songs. (listen carefully)
AN won't work for me. Gah, going to have to figure that out. Anyway, writing more today, in good mood. Yup yup. I also re-did Lea's blog, according to her specifications. ;) See it here: A System of Realization... and Confusion If you can't tell which post I wrote while figuring it out, shame on you. You should know my insanity by now. (I can almost hear the blog talking, sounds like Pinnochio)  
Friday, June 06, 2003
  Song: "Like A Stone" - Audioslave
Feeling: annoyed with all
Quote: "Sybie!!!!!!" - basically everyone today

I am not in a good mood. Not at all. Normally, yeah, I'll help you with your problems, listen to you, re-size your pictures etc. And I won't grudge you for it, sometimes I'll even be happy to help you with something. Not today folks. I am tired today, and I do not want to try to figure out what you mean by "that thing", or answer to ridiculous nicknames. (Sybbo?) I don't really feel like talking to anyone either, except maybe a weird MSN conversation with Alch, because at least he's bitter enough to make me feel better.
Why am I not in a good mood? There's construction going on next door. The construction varies between endless erratic hammering and something that sounds like a squeaky toy being murdered. (yet all I see is a big hole and a bulldozer?) The dogs keep barking at it, and their shrill little yaps grate my nerves. My computer is being extra slow, refusing to load, and my internet connection keeps going out. Three thousand listenings of "Island in the Sun" is not even calming my nerves. People keep IMing me wanting me to do something, but it's very unclear what exactly they want. ("you know that thing?") Stephen bitching at me subtly isn't helping either. I'm not creative at all, so my writing and everything else sucks.
And the big one. The vacation from hell is coming up. A week and a half. We're driving to Ocracoke Island, NC, me, parents and two little dogs in one car. I hate my parents, my parents with the dogs driving is even worse. My mum said we'd be taking the scenic route and my reply was "Oh, we're going to Washington DC. Or will it be Kansas this time?" (last time we took the scenic route "home" we ended up in Washington) Granted, I love where we're going. I love the ocean, and the beach and the island. I just can't stand being with my parents for an extended period of time, esp. in the car. My CD player is broken too. God knows we'll end up listening to the "Country Western Drinking Songs" set of CDs, or the "Greatest Yodellers of All Time" CD. Oh, or perhaps "24 Versions of Ring of Fire" or the 5 CD set, all of different versions of "Louie Louie".
Ok, I've been typing this for ten minutes, and I still haven't finished the Audioslave song, because I keep having to replay it because the dogs bark or the phone rings (now unplugged. Mwhahaha! All lines are currently down) You can't start in the middle of "Like a Stone", you have to listen to the whole thing. ;)  
Thursday, June 05, 2003
  Song: "Someday" - The Strokes (noticing a pattern in my listening habits?)
Feeling: pretty good
Quote: "All night long I dream of the day, when it comes around it's taken away." - "All My Life" Foo Fighters

I woke up at 8 in the morning after staying up till 1? Something is very wrong with me. Anyway, I PMed everyone about their AVs, telling them to change it to 100x100. Yes, I went through every single person on AN. It's kind of sad, but it's because of bandwidth. Sad, lots of people have really pretty AVs that I don't want to have changed. I also don't want everyone to send me lots of hate PMs, I'm just the damn messenger.
I was up to 1 in the morning on MSN (evvvvil) talking to Alch and Soph. Actually, I was mocking Mark to Alch and Soph, and Jake a little bit. It was quite funny. Long story short, Mark got mad at P4 for her pink font on a bright blue background.

(our mockery of the whole thing)
Alch: Color me confused.
Soph: *colors Alch outside the lines*
ME: Pink?
Alch: Magenta is NOT profane

Also, cleaned the entire house this morning. I feel very tired now, and more to do.  
Tuesday, June 03, 2003
  Song: "Last Night" - The Strokes
Feeling: tired and ache-y
Quote: "Ok, see, sometimes you just need to sit down and not have one of those oh-so-witty comebacks. 'Cause they tend to bite you in the ass, and you know, only a few people can really pull off the loner, leather jacket, motorcycle thing."

I'm tired, and my mind is working funny. Basically, all I remember are quotes.

ME: Wow. Fe, you'd make a really really good drinking game. (we occupied ourselves for hours with this)

Sen: Those Fed-Ex trucks are really fast, like 60 miles an hour.
ME: See, that's the secret behind overnight delivery. Why don't you call the number on the back of the truck? "How's my driving?" Of course, that number probably leads to a South American pizza place.

Jon: See, I'm making this website. You know what a website is?
ME: A website! I have no clue. *great deal of sarcasm*
Jon: It's "Girlfriend of the Week", like I pick a celeb and discuss her each week.
ME: *shuts her mouth and silently thinks* Oh god, oh god, sooo many conotations! Must not say them, must not say them, must not say them.... *aloud* Nice. *forced smilie*

You ever get that really, really bad feeling of deja vu? I was being a mostly silent participant to the group MSN chat last night, and Alch kept going "I realllly want to ban him. *fights to ban him*" constantly, and Soph was laughing. Well, I rarely get onto MSN until recently (tired of Fe's PMs) but yet I felt like I had heard that very conversation before. Very strange.... also, I never talk to Alch or Val on MSN in the first place. *shakes head* Damn deja vu. 
Monday, June 02, 2003
  Song: "Alone Together" - The Strokes
Feeling: Happy :D
Quote: "Son of a bitch! Where is that coming from?!" - SNL's mock up of American Idol of Josh (i think?)

Stitch (Alexis) slept over last night. We stayed up and watched about 4 hours of Alias episodes (it's very good actually), one John Doe episode (made very little sense to me) and a clip of SNL mocking American Idol. We also watched Dogma this morning, and she taught me to play "Clocks" on the keyboard, and listened to lots of music... and the adventure with the waffle maker.
Me and Stitch have this whole plan to make a road trip to LA and stalk Michael Vartan, and any other celebrity we meet on the way that we like, but the primary goal is to find and steal one of Michael Vartan's shoes. Since it's a road trip, we're waiting till I at least turn 16/able to drive. We're going to drive a special bus out there, painted black with flames on the sides and go hill-hopping. (If you think that's bad, a special bus with flames, remember the skull bus?) Stopping along the way at roadside places, like the giant cow and the corn museum, as well as Beer and Nut stalls by roadsides. The money and all the crappy detail is perfectly worked out... including money for a tank of gas to get us through a desert.  
Sunday, June 01, 2003
  Song: "Iris" - Goo Goo Dolls
Feeling: incredibly sleepy
Quote: "...We can use you as a human missile and fire you out the window in the handy dandy, yet to be built, catapult." - Me to Mark (aka Fraz's Anti Christ)

I am sooo tired. I went to sleep at 3, thereabouts, and woke up at 8. 5 hours of sleep is not much to go on, especially since Stitch might come over and we'll have an Alias marathon of sorts, and spend the night.
What did I do all night? Talked on that blasted MSN for hours to Jake, Fe, and Mark, Phoebe and Sen for a little while too. I actually have a bit of patience, comparatively. Go me.

ME: They have Spiderman? *scratches head*
Jake: Yes, Syb, but we have *points to Mark* "The One!"
Mark: There is no spoon....
ME: *shakes her head* The world is screwed.

I came downstairs to find my usual breakfast, (Life cereal) and my mum and dad were standing in the living room, smiling like shiny happy people, and saying "We're all going to make waffles!" So of course my "wtf are you smoking?" look doesn't go very far, and got roped into family breakfast. Mum orders dad out of the kitchen halfway through and smacks him on the head with a spoon, then proceeds to confuse me by telling me to get flour when our house for some god known reason has like 5 bags of flour, all opened. So family breakfast was just like a family breakfast: snark, snap, bang, snark, yada yada yada, "ok, bye now!". Give it up with the family togetherness! 
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